Michael Hib


Michael Hib, pen name for Mike Hammer, is a native Iowan who has an established career in executive management within mass media communications, data center communications, technical data center design and tech training. He is a workforce strategist with a passion for advancing business success by replacing broken systems with winning strategies and championship, blended work teams. Mike is an advocate of better and wider use of freelancers in the Gig Economy. He is affectionately know as the Gig Doctor for his expertise and assistance in forging independents freelancers with full time employees. His new book "Gig Economy 2.0" is a follow up to "Boomerville - Getting off the Corporate Merry-Go-Round" and will be released in late 2020. Hib also write spy novels. "Shadow Network", An Agent Ricco Sullivan cold war spy novel will be available in early 2021.